Green Tea + Coffee Powder + Tea Powder Combo

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Premium Quality Green Tea 100gm

Idukki Special Pure Coffee Powder 250 gm

Idukki Special Tea Powder 250 gm

Ginger Coffee 100 gm

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Green Tea – This handpicked green tea comes from western ghats (Kerala-Idukki)

  • Simply Delicious flavour,Soothing aroma and mellow taste helps you relax
  • Consumption of Green Tea as a part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases
  • Give your skin a hydrated healthy glow with Chengmari Green Tea, a very Good product for your Skin that is also a natural stress buster

Coffee Powder – 100%  pure natural  coffee powder, made from the finest coffee beans sourced from western ghats                                     Forest plantations. Kerala -Idukki

Tea Powder  –  Kerala’s Idukki district is famous for its sprawling tea plantations that stretch across numerous hills                                 in a carpet of greenery. The British planters changed the very face of the quaint hill station when                                       they started the plantations of tea, coffee, spices and fruit trees that, even to this day, cover the hills                                 of Idukki.

Ginger Coffee – Dry ginger is an ingredient in almost all ayurvedic medicines. Improves the functioning of                                                   digestive system and intestines .Also improves nervous. Dry Ginger Coffee or Chukku Kaapi is                                           popular in South Indian. It is made particularly for rainy or cold seasons. Dry ginger has lots of                                         health benefits and used as a good remedy for indigestion, nasal congestions, cold, sore throat.                                         cough. fever etc. In Ayurveda. Dry Ginger plays a major role because of its digestive properties.                                         The best method to drink is by using palm sugar or jiggery


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